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I want make a review about Playclaw, but ..

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Hello guys,


I want to make a review about Playclaw, but if i do it now.

I not have had a positive experience yet.


For example..


-After recorden program mostly crash.

-Worser performance in Playclaw then Obs. (on a lower setting encoder setting) Not streaming ,but recording.

-Symboles in camera overlay, are very diffecult to understand. Allready lost 2 records to find it out how it worked.

,while the main menu is perfect very clear and crisp.


Using edward x.264 encoder is good.

Camera and audio split from video very nice feature. , file from camera is always offset of -1 or +1 second. Also not happy about that.


Mixxed feelings for now. Still using my Obs and searching stable settings to even record properly.

Also sometimes crashen ,if you look through the plugin menu.

Maybe its just a easy compability problem or something.


Test it a week more, to get a propper opinion about the product.

For now im mixxed feelings :)


How is you're experience with Playclaw 5 plus?



My settings:

High - ultrasfast - 45000 bitrate variable - 1080p - 2 keyframe - Cabac on&off tested (edward codec from forum x.264)

Also tested lower bitrates.


Nvenc works better on this program 


My specs: Big ssd gaming on - Hybride ssd drive recording on.

intel 4770k 4.2 gigahertz HT=on perfect stable

970 gtx nvidia

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If the program crashes, please attach the .dmp and .txt files created from the crash, so the devs can look into it.

I rarely experienced any crashes with PlayClaw in the time I'm using it (approx. 2 years), none occured in a stable version but beta.

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I have tested mutiple game i get 35 to 25 fps drop with Playclaw in every game.

And i also have set the setting way lower then obs

Thats a lot.


currently no crashing ,only end of recording it sometimes happen.

But i more care about 35 to 25 fps drops in all my game's on a weaker setting then my OBS :(


any help for me?


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