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  1. Twitch chat overlay

    I want the twitch chat overlay in my screen And this is what i get in my overlay... INFO : joining channel : When i check login the login is succesfull what am i doing wrong ??? if there is anybody who wants to help a 45 year old fart you can also discord me Thanks for the help
  2. PlayClaw 5 Not Streaming Everything

    Hi! PlayClaw is not streaming at all as it just crashes when I start to do so. I have tried numerous fixes, such as changing encoder, changing the compatibility options of the program, editing the encoder options, reseting the stream key, etc. but it all just causes the software to crash as soon as I start to stream.I have attached the necessary files. Thanks in advance for the help! PlayClaw.txt PlayClawCrashDump.dmp
  3. New Registered User here I just wanted to say a couple of things, if I may: 1) After testing out the Trial and seeing the great quality and performance PlayClaw5 has, I purchased it and am enjoying it greatly. Fantastic performance (I can capture up to 120fps, as long as the game can provide 120 fps), great quality of recording (crisp, clean). It is one of the few progams I found that will record the desktop with Buffered Recording utilizing AMDVCE and take Screenshots at the same time (eg. OBS records Desktop but cannot take screenshots). Wonderful. Thank you for your effort (continuing effort, as I see from the ChangeLog) with this great program. One happy customer, here. 2) The only issue I ran into with PC5 (what I use for PlayClaw5 in writing) - which is great as it is THE ONLY issue - is that the Bitrate does not seem to want to 'stay limited'. What I mean by this is, if I set a 5000k Bitrate, and then record at say, 1080p 60fps; the Bitrate will jump up to ~30000kbps and stay up there, within the output video file. The output itself looks superb... so I can only assume the Bitrate is being raised so that the quality does not suffer greatly (Quantization). Related to this, I tried to use PC5 with Twitch, and while the quality was excellent, it became 'choppy' (stutters) when streaming (high motion or high action portions), and looking at the Bitrate, although it was set to 3000k (for example), it jumps up to ~9000k as action on the screen increases (in this example). In Troubleshooting the Twitch issue above (2), I updated to the latest AMD Drivers (15.11 Crimson, Windows 8.1) and it did not seem to make a difference. I tried a competitor program (game recording software that can do streaming to Twitch as well) and did not run into this issue, that other program streamed to Twitch smooth and without 'choppy' problems in high action portions, although it had output that was lower quality than PlayClaw (Quantizing the material in high action portions, so that it looks 'glitchy'). However, PC5 does not stay within the Bitrate even with local recordings... If there are any ideas on what may be happening with this, please let me know and I will try to implement it. That one thing is the only problem I have run into though... In recording with PlayClaw5, I am very happy with the Quality and especially the Buffered Recording (of the desktop) implementation, as I mainly use that. Great options in the interface (hotkeys, folders, Black List, etc). Great supporting materials (manual, etc. found after purchase). PlayClaw5 = Rank A+ Current System: AMD FX-8350 CPU AMD R9 280 GPU 16GB Patriot GAMER RAM 256GB ADATA SSD 4TB Samsung HDD Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (Dual Boot) Playclaw 5
  4. I just bought this after seeing it on sale on Steam finally, with the Twitch overlay (yay no more paying an Xsplit sub just to use Gamecaster's Twitch overlay which is the only overlay I have seen that worked). I went to watch a video on my PC and noticed that the overlay gets put onto my VLC video. Is the only way to not have this happen is to close the program?