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  1. Just wanted to share a Thank You that version 3702 seems to have fixed a problem with Desktop recording I was running into, with Windows 10 and Playclaw version 3700 (and the version before that). When I tried to record "Desktop" or "Anything" (for Tutorials, etc) it would say "Cannot capture in Game Mode" or something to that effect (I did not take a screen capture of the error, sorry). I was always running the latest GPU drivers, etc. I was thinking of mentioning it here in the Support Forum - however, I downloaded manually the 3702 via the website (the Auto-Updater stayed on Version 3700 it seemed) and it appears to have no problem recording the Desktop/Anything - way to go! (Note that this fixed my issue, it may still occur for others, but I wanted to mention this as a Compliment, that whatever was not 100% working before, now is fine for me) It's great to see continuing Support for programs, especially this great little recording application. Thank you. Keep it up!