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  1. Show overlays in screenshots?

    Hi PlayClaw-Community, I have a question. . I love doing montages, so I have to record a lot of gameplay. But that´s not the problem. It´s awesome, that PlayClaw offers so many overlays. I specially like the Stopwatch. It´s a good feature, to remember when something awesome happend. But I always need a piece of paper, to write the time down. Like 16 minutes and 35 seconds. I tried to use the screenshot function but this doesn´t seem to work. There´s no overlay on the screenshots. So I wanna ask you, is there a special plugin, which allows me to see even the overlays on the screenshots? That would be completly awesome. . Or are there special settings I can use to do so? I hope, you can understand my problem and help me out. My english isn´t the best. Best regards!
  2. Hello! My name is Hrvoje and I am from Croatia. I joined forum today and bought Playclaw on Stema recently. Firstly, I would like to say that I am very satisfied with Playclaw, and till this day it is definitely the best gameplay record software despite there is a good competitors there like Bandicam or Fraps. Only few things are missing like video fix (If your PC suddenly shouts down, or game crash, like Bandicam have) and possibility to record dos and dosbox games (only fraps is able to do this). All in all, I am really happy to have this great software and would like to say hello to everyone using it and especially to ones that made it! Now, to the topic. Sorry for bad English and maybe long post. Well, I became in 2010. really addict to record everything that I have or do. I love statistics and possibility to go and view something that happened in history. In December 2010. I found out about Fraps and started to record everything that I play. I know, this probably is not a most normal behavior, but I hope that I am not the only one in this world. I was recording my gameplay, and I was merging it with software called Movavi. After some time I become unsatisfied with Fraps and Movavi and I discovered Ultra video joiner, which merges videos with really big quality than movavi. I am using Ultra video joiner till this day. During time I found out about Bandicam and it was really refreshing thing after Fraps. But soon I wished that I have realtime clock on my videos and after long search this good day come, and I discover Playclaw! It has everything, no lag, no big filesizes and it records PC status and clock in videos. Now I am fulfilled!!! Thank you Playclaw team!!! At the end, I would like to say that 1. I have database of my videos and it will soon be 2TB big, 2. I uploaded some videos on youtube and I am preparing to continue to this (but I would still keep files on my PC) My youtube Chanel = 3. 2TB is really big amount of size and I don't know should I buy another external HDD to sustain at least till 2015. 4. I decide to categorize my videos. Tried to find some software (like XBMC or at least some interface software) but no luck to this day, so I use MS Excel table to do this. I will attach it (no I wont = You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file), but for now this is only about 25% of all videos in this table. Here is a link to table = Reason of this topic is to get to know is there anyone who record and archive everything that they play and how do they do this? What kind of software do they use for lowering files size, do they use some program for categorizing videos, where do they store videos, how do they record gameplay (FPS, quality, sounds-mic...)? All I desire is some suggestions and to know is there someone like me Thanks!
  3. I hit the record button and play through my game. I can confirm that the recording started cause my overlay changed colors like its supposed to. But when I hit stop and try to find that video. Its no where to be found. I ran a file search for it and nothing turned up. Where did it go? Did it even really record at all? I've had this issue before in the past I don't know what I did differently that just suddenly fixed the issue but well its back again. Rather angry this time cause I was recording something important and I can't really redo that recording. The program didn't crash or anything. Just operated like normal except no video file. PlayClaw.txt
  4. Wello everone I want to Record/Stream Minecraft but as soon as i press the record button Playclaw crashes. I tryed reinstalling twice, ran it as an admin, started in windows 7 mode, restarted my PC. i attached a picture of what i want it to look like(hope that it helps). oh when you want a windows crash log or something i don't know how to get one.
  5. How do I record 4K in nvidia mp4 encoding?

    I got the demo version on Steam and I want to record my games in 4K, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. In-game, it's 4K, but when I play the video file afterwards, it's only about 1/4 the size of the desktop (I have my desktop at 4K resolution). I was using fraps before and it was full screen when playing the recorded video files, so I am guessing that Play Claw is only recording in 1080P? I also tried recording in the 2 non-MP4 codecs (I think one was called jmpeg) and those 2 codecs record in 4K, but they are unplayable in Windows Media Player and if I preview these avi files in dvd architect studio, it's all choppy and is basically like a slideshow. The only way I know it's actually in 4K is because it's full screen and the width and height are listed as 4K size. Windows Media Player plays only the sound, VLC Player plays it, but it's all choppy, so these 2 codecs are unusable for me. With the MP4 codec, I have the aspect ratio set to 4K, could that be why it's recording in a smaller resolution size? Any help with this stuff would be greatly appreciated. I want to record videos in Play Claw with the same resolution as FRAPS, I'm hoping there's a way to do this, since FRAPS doesn't record as high fps as Play Claw in 4K. My specs are: 2.7 ghz cpu 32 gb ram 12 gb vram titan z (the newest titan card) Thanks.
  6. No ingame sound with PlayClaw 5

    Hey guys, I use PlayClaw 5 and I only can record my own voice via Push to Talk but no ingame sound. I use the right sound soure, because I only got this. Between my Headphones/Mic & the computer I use a Roland Quad-Capture Sound Interface. I hear the ingame sound perfectly and the voice and picture recording is also really good. Just the ingame sound is missing. I tryed all the other sound sources (off course, they are dead) and no response from the ingame sound. I also tried with different games and no sound. The mark for stereo is set and I also tried to split sound and video in different lines. It worked, but only with my voice. The ingame sound was missing too. What can I do? I dont want to use more than one tool for the recordng and iam a big fan of playclaw. But I really need the ingame sound. =( Please help Best
  7. sony vegas question

    hi, i am encountering an issue where my footage is incompatible with Sony Vegas, I was wondering if anyone here uses sony vegas to edit footage recorder using play-claw 5 ( steams version ) if so, what ( if any ) codex' or plugins are used? thanks *I have also emailed support but have failed to gain an answer as of now, I will update this if an answer is found.
  8. Programs Crashing

    When I start to record gameplay, it will capture the first couple of seconds of footage then stop. Then if I try to capture again it will crash whatever program I am trying to record. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a bug?
  9. Can't record other people's voices

    I've been using playclaw 5 for awhile and I'm generally happy with it. But I have run into a slight problem with my recordings, I can't hear other peoples voices on them, I have tried everything changing volume even encoder settings, but nothing works. I would appreciate if you could help me with why it won't work.
  10. After getting used to how the software works on a whole I haven't had a problem recording a variety of different games. When I open Volgarr the Viking (steam download) PlayClaw doesn't want to acknowledge its existence. The game doesn't appear in the blacklist and no overlays appear in game. Help would be appreciated!
  11. Playclaw 5 Audio recording?

    Just purchased Playclaw 5 today. Having some problems with recording audio. I want to record audio and video simultaneously and have mapped video and audio recording to separate buttons, but audio only records while the button is held down. Is there a way to toggle audio recording the same way as with video recording?
  12. Recording Issues and Game Crashes

    Hey, whenever I try to record some footage of Battlefield 3, the recording just stops at some point (usually after 1 or 2 minutes). First the recording statistics freeze, but the game keeps running and then if I press "F9" to stop the recording the game will crash. If I dont try to stop the recording or start a new one, the game will keep on running for a little while before crashing. If I do try to stop the recording and crash the game this will show up in the log file (full file attached): PlayClaw.txt 20:09:18.215 | bf3.exe | *** REC *** Start recording 20:12:26.150 | bf3.exe | *** REC *** Stop recording (delete = 0) 20:12:31.150 | bf3.exe | [Warning] waiting save thread stop result: 258 If I dont press anything and continue playing there won´t appear a log for the recording stop at all: PlayClaw.txt While the videofiles of those recordings are at least viewable (though I can not fast-forward the video and get some errors depending on the video player, the seperate audio files do not seem to be working at all (but honestly I dont need those 1min recordings anyway, if Im trying to record a whole round).
  13. Собственно, суть проблемы: при записи видео звук записывается с сильными статическими шумами. Пробовал химичить всякое с настройками устройств и Stereo Mix'ом - ничего не помогает. Подавление шумов включено и в настройках в Windows, и в Realtek HD Audio Manager'е (у меня соответствующая встроенная звуковая карта), толку что с ним, что без него, никакого. Проблема наблюдается только с PlayClaw, стандартный Sound Recorder записывает мою речь без всяких проблем, да и Fraps все делает как нужно. Драйвера последние, ОС Windows 7 x64. Кто что посоветует? UPD: прошерстил FAQ, решил попробовать, что будет, если поставить галочку напротив "Mix audio in one track". Почему-то теперь статический шум организовался в равномерное тиканье (примерно раз в полсекунды). Что происходит? PlayClaw.txt
  14. PlayClaw Recording Issues

    when i record using playclaw 5, i am only able to record game play in windowed mode. It will not allow me to record any game in full screen. Can anyone tell me why? this version needs work in my opinion, but its brand new, so what could one expect.
  15. I was recording Minecraft with some friends for a good 3-4 hours but when I checked the file, it only went up to around 30 mins and a few seconds. The video and audio weren't corrupted or anything, it just stopped as if I had stopped recording but I had never pressed Stop and the FPS was red (for recording) the whole time. I lost a great deal of footage and I'd like to prevent it from happening in the future if possible. General info: Record key is Scroll Lock. Windows 7 64bit Java 7 64bit Minecraft with the Mindcrack Feed the Beast modpack. Skype running. Minecraft server running.
  16. On PlayClaw 3 and PlayClaw 2 especially (the latter of which is the best version btw), I did not have an issue recording in games, easily over 100 recordings on PlayClaw 2. Now, when I press the prerecord button, my games lag for three seconds or more. It's even worse for starting and ending a recording, especially if I only want to save my prerecording. That's three seconds to start the recording and three seconds to end the recording. Six seconds of lag to save a recording. So it's either win at my game, or save that amazing kill streak and then die immediately after. Boosting my compression threads to the max (8) does not help. Neither does reducing the MJPEG quality in encoder settings. Anyone have any other suggestions to stop this lag or is it simply a PlayClaw 4 issue? I don't want to go back to PlayClaw 3 because even after restricting firefox.exe and chrome.exe, it still binds to these processes and I can't browse the web with PlayClaw 3 open.
  17. Hi all, Playclaw is a wonderful software, but sometimes when I record, it stutters, you know, like the game skips a few frames every second. When I stop the recording, all returns to normal. Sometimes the software even crashes the game, like with 7 Sins or El Matadore (here it stutters like hell). Alpha Protocol won't start two out of three tries when playclaw is on, but if it manages to skip the initial crash, then all is fine. And with some games, the overlay does not show up, which means I can't record it... I like playclaw, it works wonderfully, when it works. I don't know how those could be remedied. Is it just that playclaw is incompatible with some games?