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  1. Twitch chat overlay

    I want the twitch chat overlay in my screen And this is what i get in my overlay... INFO : joining channel : When i check login the login is succesfull what am i doing wrong ??? if there is anybody who wants to help a 45 year old fart you can also discord me Thanks for the help
  2. Using PNGs as Image Overlays

    I just checked back in to using Playclaw, after being away from it for a year or so. I was amazed at all the new functionality (chroma key, plugin overlays). I tried to use a PNG image file (containing some transparent pixels) as an Image Overlay, but the image does not show up. On the plugin preview pane it shows a bounding box for it, dotted green lines. I tried switching to a jpg; it showed up just fine. Tried another png with some transparency, again the empty bounding box. Are png's not supported, or is this a bug, is what I'm trying to figure out. Any insight would be appreciated. PlayClaw.txt