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  1. Overlay not showing up in game

    I came back to some gaming after 3 month, updated my PlayClaw 5 and went into the game. I always used a crosshair-overlay. It's not showing up anymore in any games. I have attached the PlayClaw.txt and made 2 screenshots. Its just not working anymore. I started Counter-Strike for the log to be meaningful. Hope it helps. Radeon HD7970 drivers: 17.3.1 PlayClaw.txt
  2. В фул-скрине обрезает кадр. У меня разрешение 2048х1152, а оно захватывает 3/4 экрана. Кодек "H.264 AMD AMF". Похожее поведение, кстати, если задать custom frame size. Если оставить frame size и захватывать в оконном режиме, то проблемы нет. PlayClaw.txt
  3. Hello everyone. I do totally love playclaw since years (Hardcore Licence ), but actually in windows 10 64bit I do have a problem with the overlays while capture. Normally (in the older versions), i was able to see the FPS for example while recording, but it's not shown in my final video. But now, with the newest version, the FPS is shown always in the final video. I know, that there is a way to change the settings in the overlays (only shown in recording, only shown in capture, not in capture and recording).. But there is no chance to see the FPS (or any other Plugin) only while recording (but I need it for my let's plays for example). I already reinstalled the programm to avoid a buggy installation. By the way...Using playclaw in compatibility-mode (tested any version) does not fix the problem at all. Today i'm going to try a uninstall with revo uninstaller, cuz it deletes every single data of a programm (windows didn't). Questions: Is this bug known and will be fixed till the end of the year? Or do i need to switch back to the old version and complaining about other bugs..? Or is Playclaw 5 Plus not the newest version? The "plus" did confused me a lot, btw. German language and the nvidia-record mode is missing at all! Is there a way to auto-update my client to the beta-versions? Downloading the new ones is epically oldschool.^^
  4. Playclaw stops recording at 126GB

    According to the changelog the 126GB issue was solved as of release 3032, but I am still experiencing this problem. Sometimes the game will crash, and sometimes the game will simply lose focus and return to the desktop. Can anyone shed some light on what is causing this problem?
  5. Bug with skyrim (modded)

    Well found an issue with Skyrim with hialgo boost + END (Skyboost, no graphics mod) Playclaw just doesn't record it with that combination, Not sure if its one or both of them that cause it, but thought you guys should know of it.
  6. Multi channel bug?

    I heard that Sony Vegas doesn't allow videos that were recorded with PlayClaw that has multiple audio channels. Is it the same case using Adobe Premier or After effects? Also, are the developers planning to create a fix for Sony Vegas or do we have to just record with separated wav files?
  7. New feature/(bug fix? ) request: Please add auto stop record when exiting a game without stopping PlayClaw. As all of you probably know, when your exiting a game without stopping the recording the output video is broken. Please add a detection when the hook process is terminated while recording will stop the recording gracefully instead of violently . You close game first forgetting that you were recording. The output video gets broken (not wraps up properly) and only few media players can play it, let alone trying editing it. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! Edit: Or does it still apply, that Desktop Recording is currently only for Windows 7 (I'm running Windows 8)? I just upgraded to PlayClaw 5 and was excited to see the "Desktop Mode", unfortunately it doesn't work on my end. Whenever I press the green recording button I get the following error: The needed information can be found in the attached PlayClaw.txt I hope there's an easy fix, since I really like to record my Desktop with PlayClaw. PlayClaw.txt
  9. No audio at all

    My recordings have no audio(mic or speaker) at all. I tried every combination and looked at a multitude of posts, still nothing. Hopefully the log will shows something. Hopefully, this isn't a wasted investment. PlayClaw.txt
  10. I was recording Minecraft with some friends for a good 3-4 hours but when I checked the file, it only went up to around 30 mins and a few seconds. The video and audio weren't corrupted or anything, it just stopped as if I had stopped recording but I had never pressed Stop and the FPS was red (for recording) the whole time. I lost a great deal of footage and I'd like to prevent it from happening in the future if possible. General info: Record key is Scroll Lock. Windows 7 64bit Java 7 64bit Minecraft with the Mindcrack Feed the Beast modpack. Skype running. Minecraft server running.
  11. Каждый раз как запускаю Клаву, случается вот это: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Dwm.exe Application Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Application Timestamp: 4a5bc541 Fault Module Name: PLAYCLAWHOOK64.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 513439d3 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0000000000019989 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1049 Additional Information 1: 68cf Additional Information 2: 68cf268b44008663e7f0662910528380 Additional Information 3: f538 Additional Information 4: f53808b653e75cf14e7cbc43a1e457a2 В предыдущих версиях крешей не было. PlayClaw.txt DxDiag.txt
  12. Just bought and have been running Playclaw 3 for a couple of days now, unfortunately I keep getting freezes in-game (The freeze is strange, because I can move around, but everyone around me is stuck in animation, then after anywhere from 10s to 2 minutes everything speeds up and plays out the whole scene I missed when it froze). I also get crashes around 40% of the time I either teleport or change zones. I'm running PlayClaw with GW2 and TeamSpeak on Windows 8 latest preview. If there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot this please let me know. Here is a snippet from the crash log of GW2
  13. Alright, so *prfft*. This is the funniest bug I've had so far, and really easy to circumvent. It should be, however, fixed like every bug. Not sure if this is just my case or one game, but hey. So, I was playing Blacklight Retribution, deciding I should totally track my glory moments. After getting a new hard drive that is apparently capable of 60FPS 1080P video when using high compression (Seagate Barracuda 3TB, uses 1TB platters for maximum 185ishmb/s sequential write), I started up raptr, steam and playclaw, to game, chat and record. Now, something odd happened. I didn't piece it together INSTANTLY, but playclaw4 stopped and started recording... whenever it damn well pleased. Everytime I got a chat message, it would toggle recording. And only if I didn't have the overlay open, but activated. So anytime I got a pop up message. BOOM. New file. Not even joking. Anyone ever had this before? Guess i could test it with another game, but yeah. This is what happens to me.
  14. IF VS2010 is started when playclaw is running, VS2010 UI will be be broken: You will still able to click things there, but UI won't redraw to reflect its changes to user interaction. VS2010 UI only redraws when its window gets resized/maximized.
  15. Latest Beta (2027) + Hard Reset

    Just upgraded to 2027, last build I was using while playing Hard Reset was 2005, no problems then, however, now whenever an event happens that requires the video to be restarted (any time the game comes up with the black screen with white text: "Game video is restarting", or words to that effect, common in game when you alt+tab out of the game then back in, when you change most video settings, etc) makes the game freeze up if Playclaw is open, as well as the game crashing on exit. Annoyingly, for me anyway, when force quitting the game, the audio of the game skips, and goes on untill rebooting. Help? EDIT: Dropped back to 2005, no crashes on "Game video is restarting" screens or on exit.
  16. Hi there! I found a little bug in Gotham City Impostors, while Playclaw is running. The mouse cursor is about 20-40 pixels off in the menus. I have to click somwhat above the intended target. Like this: + = Mouse cursor. --------------------- + Play Game --------------------