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  1. Image Overlay & Autoscreenshots

    I have been using Mirillis Action along with Fraps up until now. Why the 2 you may ask? Well, Action was for the video recordings and manual screenshots, and Fraps i had set up where i could press the hotkey and it would take auto screenshots for me. 3 problems doing it this way. 1, it caused conflicts of interest and would cause one or the other to randomly crash or games to crash.2, Fraps would take screenshots with Actions FPS counter showing. And 3, i would forget if i have disabled auto screenshots or enabled it while playing games. What i liked about Action, was while recording your game play, you could have a image overlay rendering in the recording. But the image overlay wouldnt show up while playing games. Also, if you took screenshots, the image overlay wouldnt show up in the screenshots. Is there any chance of having this feature put into PlayClaw? I ask because, i just purchased PlayClaw, because it had auto screenshot feature along with able to tell it how often to take a screenshot and has also the manual screenshots, and image overlays. Problem i am finding is if i have image overlay rendering in recording it will also render in screenshots, which i dont want. Unless someone knows how to create plugins and is able to create a plugin that will allow me to do what im asking, well, that would be awesome Also, i saw here in this thread below, that someone else asked about a visual inidicator to the auto screenshot, but seems nothing was done to it or am i missing something here?. I would have posted in that thread but didnt want to risk necroing a old thread :). Anyway, if you press the hotkey, for me it is F8, to take a manual screenshot, depending on your settings, it will either frame flash to say its taken a screenshot or it will like flash in the FPS counter, on its back colour. Can we get it so it indicates the same way for auto screenshots please? Because i am the same with the person in the other thread, that when autoscreenshot is active and im playing a game, i forget if i have disabled it to stop it from taking screenshots or enabled it to start taking screenshots.