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  1. Just a Suggestion/Request for the options related to audio/sound recording: 5.1/7.1 audio recording 5.1/7.1 WAV file(s) output Currently (version 3702 at the time of this posting), Playclaw works great; but down-mixes the audio from any multichannel sources (Surround Sound, 5.1/6-channel, 7.1/8-channel) to 2-channel audio (Stereo), mixed into one audio 'track' within the recording. While this is a great way to avoid incompatibilities with video editing programs, save on file size created and more, I am merely submitting the idea for the option for the user to choose whether to record in 5.1/7.1 audio, and whether to output the audio into separate WAV format audio files. Some game recording applications already offer this, but I wanted to try help improve Playclaw, so I am just adding it here Enjoying Playclaw otherwise, it works without problems for me personally! Keep up the great work!
  2. I'm sorry if this issue has been posted before, I looked through the forums a bit and only found some slightly relevant topics about audio, but not quite the same as my issue. My audio and video in the .avi file do not sync anymore after I import the file into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. An internet search found some similar issues with Fraps and Adobe Premiere, but nothing involving PlayClaw. About a month ago, I was recording files with PlayClaw and uploading the files to Premiere without an issue. The audio synced perfectly with the video. I could easily edit and produce high quality videos. Now, as of about two weeks ago, after I import the .avi file from playclaw into Premiere, the audio is quite a bit out of sync. When I watch the video (the file directly from PlayClaw) in windows media player the audio is fine. It's only after I upload to Premiere that it's off. My current set up for the encoder in Playclaw is this: Video compression: MJPEG (95 quality, using YUV411 compression) Cap frame rate: 29.970 Compression Threads: 2 smooth frame flow: enabled draw cursor: enabled Max prerecord buffer size: 10 sec Convert to Stereo: Enabled Mix audio in one track: enabled Container: AVI Write audio in separate WAV files: disabled Thank you in advance to anyone looking into this issue. I am also aware that the issue might be with Premiere. I'm looking into all possible scenarios. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Audio Desync Playclaw 5

    I purchased playclaw 5 a week or so ago and I've been having an audio problem. What the audio is say for example goes from 2:45 to 3:00 instantly like nothing was in between but the video plays that 15 seconds thus bring my audio and video out of sync. Please help
  4. Mic Volume too low

    So I have been using Play Claw5 but I can't seem to get my audio to record correctly. My Microphone audio is unbelievably low to the point where you can barley hear me. My settings are set to default which records two things 1)Speakers (USB PnP Sound Device) and 2) Mircophone (USB PnP Sound Device). I have a SteelSeries 5HV/2 if that helps anybit. Please if you are able to figure out my issue, I am willing to buy you a 5$ game on steam (10$ if you resolve my issue quickly). Once again my Audio Sources are set to default with Microphone and Speakers being at Max Volume. Also Note that I can hear everything else perfectly fine, the Game audio and my friends on skype, however you can barley hear me.
  5. Play Claw 4 Audio Doesn't upload

    I am enjoying the quality of playclaw very much. There are only two problems: The audio doesn't upload on you-tube (you-tube will sometimes have an error that says: Error in converting files). I have checked to make sure the video type is compatible with you-tube. I even changed the audio settings to sepereate WAV files. The videos also take forever to upload. example 1000 minutes. PLZ help.
  6. Help required Instantly

    So when I record a video the video is great but the audio is different. When I record just the stero mix it works fine. Once my USB mic (Turtle Beach P11) is plugged in the stereo mix MUTES and all audio being heard is through the mic. When I record the aduio from the headphones in the sources I cannot change the volume up or down. It remains at max. I have attached my log and will ink 2 screenshots (Render setting and audio devices) Help please. I have not been able to record for months. PlayClaw.txt
  7. Game Audio Not Recording

    I have tried everything I have seen so far such as making sure I am not writing the audio in separate files. I am mixing the audio in one track and it is converting the audio to stereo. I have tried every source on the audio list including my headset and speakers. I have tried to bind the sources to many different buttons and have tried to use the buttons by holding them down in game and I still can not hear any in game audio in my recorded videos. This is really pissing me off, someone needs to help because I hope I didn't just waste my money, no one on Steam has said anything I didn't already know.
  8. Push-to-talk и CapsLock

    Не биндится захват микрофона на CapsLock, который используется для VoIP в играх. Где-то во второй или третьей версии репортил этот баг, мне отвечали, что в следующей мажорной версии всё будет. Но вот почему-то до сих пор нет. Если это имеет значение, CapsLock (только само включение верхнего регистра) выключено патчем реестра, чтобы при использовании в качестве хоткея не мешало набирать текст. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout] "Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,00,00,3a,00,00,00,00,00 Весь другой софт ловит клавишу нормально. Некоторые программы показывают вместо её названия пустоту, но работают. В PC же окно со скриншота выше не реагирует на нажатие клавиши CapsLock.
  9. Audio and desktop mode problems

    I am planning to buy playclaw 5 at steam, so I tried the free trial version of playclaw 5. I have these problems right now: 1. Audio - I cannot hear the game's audio but I can hear the mic's audio (I am using a headset) 2. Desktop mode - I tried turning it on, and clicked the start button at the upper right but nothing happened, no file was also created. The gaming mode works fine. Please help me.
  10. Audio De-sync issues

    Hi there playclaw Forum! I've been encountering this problem since starting to use Playclaw where the video is out of sync in my editor (Sony Vegas Pro 12) as well as in VirtualDub. Above is what the videos normally appear in my editor as out of sync (sorry for the long display span). I'm not quite sure what the issues that could be causing this are, most of the time it goes out of sync even when there isn't any loading screens after rendering and watching a few of the videos. Some of the fixes others have thought of such as shortening or extending the clips causes either video distortion or audio distortion and the two don't line up at all then. Thanks, TutorialsByCK EDIT: In virtualDub, the amount of frames that should be there and the amount of keyframes are way off. i don't know how to fix such issue
  11. No audio at all

    My recordings have no audio(mic or speaker) at all. I tried every combination and looked at a multitude of posts, still nothing. Hopefully the log will shows something. Hopefully, this isn't a wasted investment. PlayClaw.txt
  12. MIC recording very low

    Hi guys, I have noticed that my mic recording is very low when I am recording. I can hear my friends ok on Teamspeak, but my voice sound muted. any input would be appreciated.
  13. Playclaw 5 Audio recording?

    Just purchased Playclaw 5 today. Having some problems with recording audio. I want to record audio and video simultaneously and have mapped video and audio recording to separate buttons, but audio only records while the button is held down. Is there a way to toggle audio recording the same way as with video recording?
  14. Audio source is deactivating itself

    Hey there, my problem is this: I changed my hardware a little bit so I had to change the USB ports for some devices - as well as for my microphone and my external soundcard. I´ll try to describe the setup and the changes with a simple layout: BEFORE (worked fine) USB 1 = Mic USB 2 = external soundcard USB 3 = other stuff USB 4 = other stuff NOW (audiosources keep disabling themselves while i change the tab in playclaw and even if i stay in the source list there will be no audio recorded at all) USB 1 = other stuff USB 2 = other stuff USB 3 = Mic USB 4 = external soundcard For the people that might tell me to just change it back, here´s the point: I can´t because one of the reasons I changed was some audio issue with my mic on the other USB ports, it just works fine where it is now. I had a look in the LOG file from PlayClaw and now I´m guessing that it still tries to find the old setup. In the list of audio sources only the "NOW"-Setup appears. I attached the log file to this thread so you may have a look. If there are any further questions I´ll try do describe and explain as good as possible. Some additional info: t.Bone SC440 USB = this was how my mic was listed as in the "before" setup, since I changed the setup it just appears as "USB Microphone 2" in my windows mixer and other softwares. It works just fine, just the name changed - no driver issues or missing microphone software or something like that. When I put it back in the old USB port the name changes back, too - I guess it´s somehow connected to this port with this name or something like that. I´m guessing it´s looking for the same name and can´t find it. Same goes for " Lautsprecher (4- TERRATEC Aureon 7.1 USB)" (audio output for headphones etc.) - what I dont get is this: Why does PlayClaw keep looking for the old sources - they don´t even appear in the source list now...and why the heck Playclaw doesn´t try to activate the marked sources when I start a recording but the old ones?! I just don´t get it...doesn´t seem to be able to do something about this... :-/ PlayClaw.txt
  15. I need help!

    1) Is there anyway to change how audio is saved? (Record Witcher 2, instead of witcher2.0.0.wav and witcher2.1.0, I get Witcher2Microphone and Witcher2Game, etc.) 2) How do the audio conversion options work? If you don't know, what are the default settings? ("Normalize Input," sliders, etc.) 3)Should I use Alternative DX/OpenGL code? What are any risks of using them? What do they do? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with these.
  16. No audio at all

    Hi all - I'm having a problem where no sounds at all are being recorded. I have my mic enabled and set up to record only when holding Capslock. I have my "Speakers" enabled as well. I've tried checking the "transform to stereo option but I'm not exactly clear what the settings in the "Conversion Options" menu are. Thanks for any help.
  17. No audio sources

    Hi. I have been having some trouble lately with my audio sources. They used to show up. Now they don't. I am running windows 8 64 bit. My primary sound comes from my AMD Radeon HD 7950. I also have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro which i only use when I'm wearing headphones. In the log, i can see it fails to initiate my audio source but I can't figure out why. I've uninstalled, reinstalled with no luck. Thank you for your help. 11:27:56.232 | playclaw4.exe | PlayClaw is starting 11:27:56.232 | playclaw4.exe | Detected Windows 8 (6.2 build 9200) 11:27:56.235 | playclaw4.exe | Set current language: English 11:27:56.239 | playclaw4.exe | Software version: Build 2600 (26 Mar 2013) 11:28:01.365 | playclaw4.exe | Trying to activate software 11:28:04.775 | playclaw4.exe | License type: Hardcore 11:28:04.776 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> ***************** init ***************** 11:28:04.778 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> Getting AMD GPU information 11:28:04.786 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> Core usage sensor available 11:28:04.786 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> Core temp sensor available 11:28:04.787 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> Num OS-known GPUs: 9 11:28:04.796 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> Adapter 0 <AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series> connected to: 11:28:04.796 | playclaw4.exe | <GPU> display <SONY AVAMP> 11:28:04.797 | playclaw4.exe | 11:28:04.798 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> ***************** init ***************** 11:28:04.826 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> AuthenticAMD detected 11:28:04.826 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> CPU Name AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 11:28:04.827 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> Num logical CPUs: 4 11:28:04.827 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> CPU ID 100F43 11:28:04.827 | playclaw4.exe | <CPU> PCI CPU Device ID 1203 11:28:04.827 | playclaw4.exe | 11:28:04.832 | playclaw4.exe | Added plugin <Timer> with id = 8 11:28:04.833 | playclaw4.exe | ipc server start 11:28:04.940 | playclaw4.exe | 11:28:04.940 | playclaw4.exe | ======== Initialization completed ======== 11:28:04.940 | playclaw4.exe | 11:28:04.970 | playclaw4.exe | [Error] *** CoreAudio *** - GetMixFormat 11:28:04.970 | playclaw4.exe | [Error] *** AUDIO *** Cannot initialize audio source 0: 1 - SONY AVAMP (2- AMD High Definition Audio Device) 11:28:04.972 | playclaw4.exe | [Error] *** CoreAudio *** - GetMixFormat 11:28:04.972 | playclaw4.exe | [Error] *** AUDIO *** Cannot initialize audio source 1: 1 - SONY AVAMP (2- AMD High Definition Audio Device) 11:28:05.016 | playclaw4.exe | PlayClaw.DLL x86 build date Mar 26 2013 11:28:05.125 |x64 playclaw4.exe | PlayClaw x64 launcher is starting 11:28:05.126 |x64 playclaw4.exe | PlayClaw x64 build date Mar 26 2013 11:28:05.126 |x64 playclaw4.exe | Detected Windows 8 (6.2 build 9200) 11:28:05.126 |x64 playclaw4-x64.exe | PlayClaw.DLL x64 build date Mar 26 2013 11:28:05.283 |x64 playclaw4-x64.exe | <dx11> Feature level DX11 11:28:05.289 |x64 playclaw4-x64.exe | Maximum DirectX version supported: 11 11:28:05.321 | playclaw4.exe | <dx11> Feature level DX11 11:28:05.326 | playclaw4.exe | Maximum DirectX version supported: 11 11:28:05.445 |x64 tabtip.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:05.727 |x64 taskhost.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:05.732 |x64 conhost.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:05.758 |x64 mom.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:05.759 |x64 taskhostex.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:06.191 | chrome.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:06.263 | steam.exe | ! Blocked process steam.exe 11:28:06.359 | avgnt.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:06.384 | motioncreator.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:06.774 | dropbox.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:28:13.503 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Set hook 11:28:13.506 | chrome.exe | [input] hooks were created 11:28:13.711 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:28:13.711 | chrome.exe | 11:28:13.712 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Allocated buffers for frame 1920x1080, pixel format 21, bpp 4 11:28:13.712 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:28:13.726 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:28:23.727 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:28:23.728 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:28:23.829 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:28:23.930 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:28:23.930 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:28:23.944 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:29:40.369 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:29:40.369 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:40.471 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:29:40.572 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:40.573 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:29:40.586 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:29:44.039 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:29:44.039 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:44.240 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:29:44.341 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:44.341 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:29:44.355 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:29:44.718 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:29:44.719 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:44.820 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:29:44.921 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:29:44.921 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:29:44.935 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:30:47.406 |x64 sndvol.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:30:50.541 |x64 sndvol.exe | - Detached 11:31:25.486 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:31:25.486 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | <dx11> Set hook 11:31:25.487 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | <dx9> Set hook 11:31:25.487 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | <gl> Set hook 11:31:25.489 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | [input] hooks were created 11:31:28.326 | fc3bdupdatersteam.exe | - Detached 11:31:31.615 | uplay.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:31:39.630 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:31:39.631 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx11> Set hook 11:31:39.631 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx9> Set hook 11:31:39.634 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | [input] hooks were created 11:31:39.938 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <gl> Set hook 11:31:40.437 | clmlsvc.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:31:45.079 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | [dx11] Free UI & Graphics 11:31:45.079 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | 11:31:45.079 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx11> Allocated buffers for frame 1920x1080, pixel format 87, bpp 4 11:31:45.080 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | [dx11] new UI 11:31:45.095 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | Start overlays update 11:31:50.634 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <gl> Set hook 11:32:14.134 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx9> Kill hook 11:32:14.134 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx10> Kill hook 11:32:14.134 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | <dx11> Release resources 11:32:14.135 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | [dx11] Free UI & Graphics 11:32:14.135 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | Stop overlays update 11:32:14.337 | fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe | - Detached 11:32:16.206 | uplay.exe | - Detached 11:32:18.309 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:32:18.309 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:32:18.410 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:32:18.516 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:32:18.516 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:32:18.530 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:32:38.168 |x64 mspaint.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:32:38.509 |x64 thumbnailextractionhost.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:32:54.638 |x64 thumbnailextractionhost.exe | - Detached 11:33:45.943 |x64 taskhost.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:33:46.782 |x64 taskhost.exe | - Detached 11:37:34.967 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:37:34.967 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:37:35.069 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:37:35.170 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:37:35.170 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:37:35.184 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:37:35.717 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Release resources 11:37:35.718 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:37:35.819 | chrome.exe | Stop overlays update 11:37:35.940 | chrome.exe | <dx9> Free UI & Graphics 11:37:35.940 | chrome.exe | <dx9> new UI 11:37:35.954 | chrome.exe | Start overlays update 11:37:50.812 |x64 notepad.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200) 11:38:06.118 |x64 notepad.exe | - Detached 11:38:08.510 |x64 notepad.exe | + Attached (winver: 6.2 build 9200)
  18. Getting audio to record

    I have just bought Playclaw4 and I can get it to record the video but no matter what I do I cant get it to record audio. Please if anyone can help that would be awesome.
  19. С момента появления эмуляции вебкамеры в PlayClaw, программа стала чуть ли не идеальным способом захвата видео для стриминга. Единственная проблема, которая остается на данный момент - это невозможность трансляции звука со своего микрофона (с Push-to-talk, конечно) без использования софта типа FFsplit, который работает, скажем так, не очень хорошо. И, если устранить посредников в виде FFsplit и использовать Adobe Media Live Encoder, то встает проблема того, что на трансляции слышно всё, кроме голоса транслирующего. Если бы PlayClaw умела бы еще и эмулировать звуковой девайс (который могли бы захватывать программы типа Adobe MLE), куда гнала бы микшированный звук с системы/игры и микрофона (с сохранением функционала PTT), то это было бы идеальным дополнением к виртуальной вебке и очень бы пригодилось стримерам. Стоит ли надеяться на реализацию этого функционала в PlayClaw?
  20. Captures Audio, but not video?

    So when trying to capture Don't Starve, I come across the problem of Playclaw capturing the audio of the game and my mic, but not my video. Don't really know the problem of this and was looking for some help on it.
  21. Audio stopping

    I am using Build 2345 on a Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I am currently using the trial version and looking at getting a license. However, every time I start up PlayClaw and select the Audio settings under capture options all audio stops coming through my speakers and Playclaw does not record any sound from the speakers. I would love to get a license but do not want a product that does not work.
  22. Playclaw mic issue

    Hey in all of my recordings all the audio is high and normal but my mic volume is very very low and you can't hear me very well help please i'd like to make commentaries.
  23. PLayclaw 4 Audio Desync Issue

    So, I decided to leave Play Claw alone for a few months to see if this exact problem would be fixed. Here I am, 8 months later, and this issue is still present. Is it jus timpossible to fix this problem due to the way PlayClaw is coded? It has been present in every single version I have tried over the last two years, all of them, even the ones that were supposed to fix this. I thought that maybe my old system was having a hard time encoding play claw files or something but that is not the case as my new system is also having the same problem. For reference, old system: Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz 4GB 1066Mhz Ram Radeon 4870 X2 Sound Blaster X-Fi Ultra X3 800W PSU Asus Maximus Formula II Windows Vista Ultimate New System: I7-3930K @ 4.8Ghz 16GB 1600Mhz ram Sapphire Radeon 7970 OC Asus Sabertooth X79 Ultra X4 1200W PSU Windows 7 Ultimate Before you tell me to I have already done your battery of settings adjustments from changing to low and no compression, setting compression threads higher and lower, merge multiple audio files, seperate all audio into seperate wave files, 29.97/30/60 fps settings, different destination drives, render through Virtual Dub first. None of it works and always produces a file in Sony Vegas that has the audio file shorter than the video no matter how long the recording is. It happens in every game I have tried it on: Saints Row 2, Skyrim, Saints Row the Third, Borderlands, Gnomoria, Towns, Darksiders, ect. Are you ever going to fix this problem or is just the way Playclaw will always work?
  24. Hey there! Lately I'm running into some issues with PlayClaw, but wanted to speak about a specific one that I've found very (very) annoying. I'd like to say I can try different settings, but due to specific needs I must use this one. I've been searching a bit and I have found a similar topic, but there are major differences that make me think this problem is different. I record at 1920x1080, 60fps, mjpeg encoder, quality set to 90%. Audio is recorded and transformed from 2 sources: headphones and microphone, and they both get saved as separated WAV files. The video is saved on a USB 3.0 drive formatted as HFS (use Paragon HFS+ to be able to write/read on it). The fact is that when I end the recording, the video has the same issue until I make the sequence 60fps. However, the audio is shortened, and it just overlaps. And that does not happen on the editor, the .wav file is saved like that straight away. Here you have an example of what I mean (the audio layer should be as long as the video layer): And here you have how the final video would be like: [media] Any ideas? A piece of help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  25. 6ch Audiocodec

    Hi, I recorded some Vids with 6ch audio. But i need a Codec to to play or decompress the Audiostream. Where can i find it ?