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  1. Performance issues

    When I tried (again) to get something decent out of a 4K60p recording today, I messed with all possible settings in PlayClaw. Long story short: PlayClaw makes games lag if they run in 4K and you start recording - no matter if you record 60f, 30f, scale down to 1440p or even 1080p when recording. No matter the codec (x264, MJPEG, etc - even fast). Not only that, it also has choppy output in the recorded video files then. It's not a performance issue of my machine. How do I know? I tried OBS for fun, and it records the game with no issues at all, even with x264 set to superfast, not ultrafast. No game lags, no playback lags later in the file. Game runs fine, OBS does not drop any frames while recording, CPU is 80-90% busy, unlike with PlayClaw. 1440p records worked fine in the past months, it's just an issue with 4K/2160p recordings. Is there ever some fix planned? Already reported issues in August last year but got told that it's encoder-related. It's definitely not, it works flawlessly in OBS, and even random video encoding of other stuff in the background does not slow games down. Only PlayClaw's recording does. OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit CPU: Intel i7-5960X @ 4.2 GHz RAM: 32G DDR4-2133 (4x8G) GPU: NVIDIA Titan X Pascal HDD/SSD does not matter, bitrate is too low to have an effect (yes, I tried the SSD anyway)