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  1. No ingame sound with PlayClaw 5

    Hey guys, I use PlayClaw 5 and I only can record my own voice via Push to Talk but no ingame sound. I use the right sound soure, because I only got this. Between my Headphones/Mic & the computer I use a Roland Quad-Capture Sound Interface. I hear the ingame sound perfectly and the voice and picture recording is also really good. Just the ingame sound is missing. I tryed all the other sound sources (off course, they are dead) and no response from the ingame sound. I also tried with different games and no sound. The mark for stereo is set and I also tried to split sound and video in different lines. It worked, but only with my voice. The ingame sound was missing too. What can I do? I dont want to use more than one tool for the recordng and iam a big fan of playclaw. But I really need the ingame sound. =( Please help Best