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  1. TAMB codec?

    Many years, and several computers ago, I got a free copy of Playclaw from the giveawayoftheday.com site, going by the datestamp on the files i recorded, and the giveawayoftheday site, It was whichever version of playclaw was current in 2009. This seems to be the link (long expired) that i got the software from. https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/playclaw/ I have many gigs of footage I recorded from a game that is now offline, and I'd love to watch through some of it again, however VLC gives an error about being unable to "decode the format "TAMB"", and Windows Media Player just unhelpfully says that it encountered an error trying to open the file. From a bit of basic googling it seems that this is due to the codec that playclaw uses for its compression, and not only that, but the codec itself has changed from version to version. If there is any way of telling which version of Playclaw i had from the info given, and where I might be able to find this codec, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!