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  1. I received an email that the text plugin does not support dynamic formatting of any kind, and that I should use the web browser overlay. I feel that the text overlay would probably perform better, but I did manage to get the web browser overlay to do what i needed. I modified my file to be output like so myfile.php: <html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1" ></head><body style="overflow:hidden;font-size:2em;"><font color=orange>+ spO2:--- pr:--- a:2363</font></body></html> and then I set the web browser overlay url to point to that file, set the frame rate to 1, check mute audio, and then just preview overlays to set the positioning. EDIT: another issue, is if you get bad gateway for whatever reason, then you need to resize the overlay in the preview to get it to reload.
  2. Marquee Text

    seeing as how you have experience modifying/creating plugins. I was hoping you might know a way to get the text overlay plugin to support html formatting within the file. such as: <html><font color=orange>david bowie</font> <font color=red>space oddity</font></html> related post:
  3. for example, I have the text overlay plugin set to load a file using the ticker... The file is updated every second by another application. here is an example of the file: <html><font color=orange>- spO2:94 pr:68 a:204</font></html> it does not use the html formatting, instead it justs displays the raw html code, I cannot use the built in formatting of the plugin because the text formatting changes dynamically every time the file is refreshed. I can however change the way the file is created if this plugin accepts another form of formatting from text?