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  1. Performance issues

    I have to agree, I've encountered the very same problems. Nevertheless I had a decent talk, and they are working on it, step by step. We just have to wait unfortunately. OBS's performance is excellent with NVENC, it's like Shadowplay but with more and better options - unless you want to use the replay buffer function in advanced mode (which will be added soon, I hope so). For example "For Honor" truly shows the problem, recording with Playclaw for now is impossible, lagging gameplay and choppy reactions, while with OBS there are no problems at all... ...and it is not a performance issue. OS: Windows 10 64 Bit CPU : i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080 RAM: 16G DDR4-3000 (2x8G)
  2. Some Issues/Observations since v.3625 (for me)

    Ok, so here are my observations so far: Playclaw still records in Windows 10, BUT I still have the issue of choppy playbacks. Tried the "Fast" codec and I was really happy that this codec worked like a charm - until some days ago, the recorded videos frustrate me again in the way that after a few minutes the video and audio get awfully desynchronized. Nevertheless I figured out that if I am ticking "High Playclaw Process Priority" in settings, I get almost smooth videos, BUT I also get a huge frame drop, let me show you 3 examples. Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition: from ~250 - 330 fps down to 100 - 120 fps Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: from ~150 - 210 fps down to 65 - 90 fps Tom Clancy's The Division: from ~100 fps down to 45-60 fps I am at my wit's end
  3. Some Issues/Observations since v.3625 (for me)

    Hi everyone, as TroyTheTech already mentioned above, I am also having issues with vfw codes like utvideo, magicyuv or x264vfw. My recording location is meant to be RAID 0 and my rig is powerful enough to record and play at stable 60 fps with current 3639 beta build. Nevertheless, the 60 fps recording is choppy and stuttering at playback no matter which media player or codec I use (even with YUV4:2:0 as colour space, lowering the data write speed). Dxtory or MSI Afterburner for example do not suffer from this problem, so I think Playclaw might have an issue with HFR and vfw codecs. Although Playclaw's x264 NVenc at NVDefault and high framerate/lossless is working pretty good and smooth aswell, sometimes more, sometimes less, some frames of the video have very bad quality, they really look messed up, so this is not an alternative for my recording. So, is there a fix for vfw codecs and high framerate recordings? Since I really like the features of Playclaw, it would be damn cool, if I could get this working properly! Cheers