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  1. Sorry, I haven't checked my email in a while... I didn't know beforehand, I just am in the habit of checking the manufacturer/vendor website once in a while if I run into issues (a habit from when I started repairing PCs as a Computer Service Tech). I noticed this problem, then saw there was no Updates for a while, so I just went to the website 'randomly' to see if the Download from there was any newer and it was. It seems to still be version 3702... sorry (if you were hoping for a newer version). If you have an issue of some sort, I can try and give some steps to start off with; but I am not affiliated with Playclaw, heh.
  2. Options for 5.1/7.1 audio , WAV file output

    Thanks for reminding me about that! I seem to forget it is there... However, it still has as an output, one useable Stereo WAV Just suggesting the possibility of, for example, four Stereo WAV output (8-channels) or eight Monaural WAV file output, for the future someday
  3. Just a Suggestion/Request for the options related to audio/sound recording: 5.1/7.1 audio recording 5.1/7.1 WAV file(s) output Currently (version 3702 at the time of this posting), Playclaw works great; but down-mixes the audio from any multichannel sources (Surround Sound, 5.1/6-channel, 7.1/8-channel) to 2-channel audio (Stereo), mixed into one audio 'track' within the recording. While this is a great way to avoid incompatibilities with video editing programs, save on file size created and more, I am merely submitting the idea for the option for the user to choose whether to record in 5.1/7.1 audio, and whether to output the audio into separate WAV format audio files. Some game recording applications already offer this, but I wanted to try help improve Playclaw, so I am just adding it here Enjoying Playclaw otherwise, it works without problems for me personally! Keep up the great work!
  4. Just a Suggestion to have an option or toggle (checkbox?) for the ability to "keep focus" on a game or application when using the "pre-recording buffer" in Game Mode. Playclaw seems to stop the Looped Buffer (pre-recording buffer) when ALT+TABbing out of a game, where the game "loses focus" and requires restarting the pre-recording buffer. Playclaw keeps the focus when fully recording though (stays recording the game even if it loses focus) when not using the buffered recording. Not a big deal, Playclaw works great otherwise, just a suggestion...
  5. Just wanted to share a Thank You that version 3702 seems to have fixed a problem with Desktop recording I was running into, with Windows 10 and Playclaw version 3700 (and the version before that). When I tried to record "Desktop" or "Anything" (for Tutorials, etc) it would say "Cannot capture in Game Mode" or something to that effect (I did not take a screen capture of the error, sorry). I was always running the latest GPU drivers, etc. I was thinking of mentioning it here in the Support Forum - however, I downloaded manually the 3702 via the website (the Auto-Updater stayed on Version 3700 it seemed) and it appears to have no problem recording the Desktop/Anything - way to go! (Note that this fixed my issue, it may still occur for others, but I wanted to mention this as a Compliment, that whatever was not 100% working before, now is fine for me) It's great to see continuing Support for programs, especially this great little recording application. Thank you. Keep it up!
  6. Some Issues/Observations since v.3625 (for me)

    Sorry to return to this post, I wasn't sure if I should start a new Thread, as this 'new' issue of Playclaw seems to be related to the "not recording" problems above... As of yesterday: Playclaw seems to have stopped recording entirely [for me], all Codecs - in Windows 8.1. Playclaw still records in Windows 10, but has the 'choppy' odd issue, stated above (and AMDAMF is not detected in Windows 10). 3650 and previous versions of 35xx are the same, they do not seem to record at all in Windows 8.1 (a small file is created with one frame, but the Timer does not count the time recorded, it stays at Zero). 3450 works, records fine (tested in Windows 8.1). There was a Windows Update and also a Radeon Crimson Update for Windows 8.1 (Crimson now 16.11.2 in 8.1). MSI Afterburner and Bandicam both can still record in Windows 8.1, so I felt I should add this here, in case it helps in some way...
  7. Some Issues/Observations since v.3625 (for me)

    Thanks for mentioning this! I tried it out and although I got 3625 working partially (after deleting the Playclaw5Plus folder and any "playclaw" entries in the Registry) as above, 3636 works well, too - especially AMDAMF (VBR, which I prefer to use)! After testing it out some more: There seems to be an issue [for me] of Playclaw 'crashing' when Stopping Recording or Cancelling Pre-Recording sometimes (Flushing the Pre-Recording Buffer, saving it to a video file, works fine, no crashing). Also, although I can record in x264 builtin/plugin Codec now, it seems to be 'choppy' in the output file in Windows 8.1, but seems to be OK so far in Windows 10. AMDAMF still does not show up in the Codec List in Windows 10 though, even with 3638 (Crimson 16.6 Drivers). I will attach the Playclaw.dmp/txt files, after the next time it crashes, in case it helps at all (in case it is not just my machine) Update 1: I see that 3638 is out, thanks to a helpful Notification built into Playclaw now - I'll have to try 3638 out! Update 2: I tested it out, some notes from it are above. PlayClaw-AMDAMF-Crash(Win81)
  8. Some Issues/Observations since v.3625 (for me)

    Sorry to reply to my own Thread, I don't mean to 'bump' it; but I wanted to add a separate post to update the condition of some of this issue(s): I can now record again in Windows 8.1, but only with MJPEG and AMDAMF and FAST (TMB2) Codecs, not with vfw (Video For Windows, Third Party) codecs or x264 built-in/downloaded/plugin/addon codec (both of which worked recently). With vfw (third party) codecs, the list 'resets' and always changes to the top codec in the list, which is not the one I am trying to use (I am trying to use x264vfw). I can set the configuration with Encoder Setup, but it always reverts to the first Codec in the list (which is a built-in Windows Codec, Intel YUV...Attached Screenshot below). I think this 'list issue' was occurring before these recent problems, however. I was able to 'fix' not being able to record at all in Windows 8.1 by doing a Search in the Forum here and finding out in a helpful post by Edward where the Playclaw settings are and deleting them all (removing the C:\Program Data\Playclaw5Plus folder ). Then restarting, then re-installing Playclaw5 (I re-installed an earlier version which usually worked for me in the past - I will try other versions soon and Edit this post and put my results here when I can test more recent versions) Just adding a bit more information, in case it helps with troubleshooting any of this, or helps others at all.
  9. Just wanted to mention a few little issues that I've run into, since installing PC5.v.3625... I was going to put these in the Beta forum, but I remembered this version came from the main Playclaw page/site, so I assume this is a Release version, so thought I'd put these here. I am also posting these just to see if anyone else has run into any of these, or if they are my own machine's problems, heh. Edit: Edited to add a couple more things I found and organize points into numbers 3625 stopped Recording in Windows 8.1 recently This seems to only occur in 8.1, as booting up into Windows 10 has no problems starting a recording with 3625. Windows 8.1 did get some sort of Update recently (last few days?) and I had to wait a while as my computer installed them and reset itself, just the other day. Perhaps this is related to this one. It really just won't record anymore as of today, it makes me laugh actually because I just started to use PC5 a lot, recording streams to watch later, games, everything I will attach the Playclaw.txt from Win8.1 for this... I updated my AMD GPU drivers to 16.10 (beta) but it did not make a difference (they were 16.9.2 before). I rolled-back Playclaw to 3622, then 3600, then 3536; but it just seems to 'start' but stays at 00:00 recording status in full screen games. In "Desktop" or "Everything" recording, it seems to just create a very small file (as in 100KB or less) but does not Crash or give any errors. It does this with all Codecs (h264, MJPEG, AMDAMF). The Performance Test works in all cases, with all Codecs, even though it does not record any output. I don't know if it has anything to do with this, but it no longer detects processes to put into the Blacklist. When I ran a new program, it did not show up in the list, to be able to block PC5 from recording it. I cannot add new programs, even if I delete almost all of the Blacklist items. (I may not have mentioned it at all, since it is very likely just me experiencing this, but other recording applications do not suffer this problem; Bandicam and Mirillis' Action both are operating under Windows 8.1 (sorry to name a competitor, but I am merely showing that these work, even after 'updates/etc' in Win8.1)) Playclaw is 'choppier', stuttering a bit with recordings at 1080p or higher in Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.1 I did some recordings before it 'stopped working' as above, and noticed that in Windows 10, Playclaw recordings at 1080p/1440p seem to be 'choppier', with little stuttering, glitch-y smoothness to it, compared to the Windows 8.1 recordings with the same settings. Odd. MJPEG is the only Codec that is still smooth and fast... (I haven't tried older versions of Playclaw for troubleshooting this yet in Win10, but I will try them soon and Edit this post or add to this thread when I can do them..... I tried an older version (3583) in Windows 10 and it seems work sometimes and crashes other times, I will attach the PlayclawDump and TXT for this, in case it helps somehow) (As above, it is likely just me experiencing this, but other recording applications do not suffer this problem in Windows 10; Bandicam and Mirillis' Action again, are both operating under Windows 10 without seeming to be any worse recording (sorry to name competitors, but I am merely mentioning them to show that these are both not experiencing this issue in Win10)) AMDAMF is not recognized in Windows 10 Another issue that just seems to be in Windows 10, is that AMDAPP/AMDAMF does not appear in the choices for Codecs anymore(?). It still appears in Windows 8.1, but does not function (as stated in the above issue). This is with the latest (as of this post) 16.6 Crimson AMD GPU Drivers in Win10. If this is something taken out on purpose in a recent version, I apologize, I haven't read the Change Logs for a while now. x264 encoder works great To mention something positive (and give a compliment) the x264 software encoder (built-in/downloadable) works great, by the way. I've been using it for months now, testing it out. Fast (on lower settings) and nicely configurable. To Edward and whoever else might have worked on that add-on, my compliments to all involved. (It is sadly affected by the above 'choppy slightly in Win10 compared to Win8.1' issue above (for me)) Again, I am also posting this to ask if others have run into any of these things... Maybe it's just my system is in need of a format-reinstall heh, it's been a while. Edit: Question: Is there a way to do a "Full Reset" of Playclaw? Removing all of the settings, presets, etc. ? PlayClawCrashDump(testing3583) PlayClawTXT(testing3583)
  10. FAST codec recording not compatible (play/edit) ?

    Ah I see, thank you. I have used codec packs in the past (K-lite, CCCP, etc) - I was just wondering if it was something built-in to Playclaw that I was missing. Thanks again
  11. Main beta

    If I can help out with this, x264/h264 (CPU-based encoding) has "diminishing returns" on the limits of performance vs compression, as it was mainly designed as a "non-live" encoding process (eg. compressing frames of pre-recorded video file, versus analyzing and compressing a live data stream "on the go"). For the most part, choosing a Preset of anything slower than "VeryFast" turns on too many analytical steps and options of the codec (each of which take more time to analyze and process every frame going through), which will result in frame drops when attempting to encode a live data stream, even with your nice octo-core CPU, unfortunately. Part of this has to do with the codec itself (no matter what application is using it), as it is very good at analyzing and attempting to keep detail; but as more features of the codec get "turned on", the more time it will take, processing every frame as it goes through. Part of this also has to do with the CPU and how it handles threads. Note that Playclaw allows a setting of Threads, not Cores, as they are different. The easiest way to explain it is Cores are the "mini-brains" of your CPU, whereas Threads are the "commands" that are being processed. Since you have an Intel CPU, you may also benefit from Disabling the Hyperthreading, as it actually can cause performance degradation due to it splitting the processing resources of each core between two threads, telling Windows "there are two cpus here" when in reality, it is really one. Although the concept can be beneficial in workflow such as repeated data processing, where there is redundancy (the main goal behind Hyperthreading); in games and video encoding, Hyperthreading does not actually increase performance very well, as each stream (the game data and the video data) both require heavy CPU usage. With the Hyperthreading dividing the computing resources up, it can actually create performance issues, instead. [I'm a little tired now, I hope I was clear enough in the above paragraph] If you want faster processing of the video data stream ("faster recording") the best setting to use would be UltraFast, as there is minimal analysis and compression done on the video frames. Of course, this means that the data stream will require a higher bitrate to represent it, resulting in a larger filesize. I am not a programmer, so I am not sure what could be done in PlawClaw to help with this in a more direct manner, sorry.... These are just some ideas and suggestions, of course
  12. Using PNGs as Image Overlays

    If I may pop in on this, I did a quick test for you and found I was able to use a PNG with transparency (a small one in the corner, etc) and it recorded OK, it seemed (I saw it, etc). Hmmm... The only thing I can think of, off the top of my head, is that there is a "Visible" pull-down menu, double-check to make sure it's not "Not Visible", or the Opacity is low... Also, if you have a Hotkey set for Fading, you may have to hit that, to see it show up. Just some ideas, good luck with it! Edit: Sorry, I should add this was with Beta Build 3600. I can install and older build and try that too, if you would like, just lemme know
  13. Sorry to bring this up, but I was doing some Testing with Playclaw 5 and tried out the FAST codec (which I never did before). I assumed it was a type of YUV codec and I think was right, but there seems to be some incompatibility issue with it, perhaps... It cannot be opened or played (an error, different for each Player used to view the recording) states something to the effect of: cannot open TMB2 format..? Although the codec has a TMB2 FourCC code (as an Identifier) it seems to be a CLJR codec (Cirrus Logic Accupak format) - but again, nothing can open it or play it or edit it... I haven't used a Codec Pack for a while (eg. CCCP, K-lite, etc) but I suppose I could install it, so that I could use these files. I was just wondering if there was a "Playclaw Codec" or something to Download/Add from somewhere that I am missing, to be able to use this FAST recording codec...?
  14. plawclaw is awesome! but....

    If I can pop in on this, that is close - the very helpful SysInfo has great stuff in it; but he wants Clock Speed ("how fast the engine of the videocard is going"), that Overlay can only show Usages, Temperatures and Fan Speeds, at this time (which is still helpful!).
  15. Choppy Playback

    If I can pop in on this, your system specs seem quite capable (as others have noticed too) - have you tried temporarily recording to a RAM Disk? The reason I mention this is, that stutter could possibly be related to the Cache or Buffer of the Drive you are recording to (or parts in-between them, during recording). Testing with a RAM Drive would take the target drive out of the equation, as RAM Disks perform somewhere in the order of 5,000 MB/s, whereas SSD's are about 500MB/s and 'regular/platter' SATA Drives are about 150MB/s. I realize that recording (even with the MJPEG codec) may only be about about 250Mbps, which is only about 30MB/s; but this test will take out the drive adapter/controllers and other possible problem junctions out of the equation, too. If, for example, you have absolutely no stutter like you do now [during the test], then you at least have another idea of something you could look at... Just an idea for a Test... Good luck with it!