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  1. Performance issues

    As a matter of fact, Windows 10 doesn't seem to be capable of recording at 2160p60 at all. Installed it some weeks ago for better hardware support, now not only PlayClaw but all other programs heavily start to stutter, game slows down to 17-20 fps, CPU load is under 40%, even the GPU switches to lower clocks because it is not being utilized. Switched back to Win 7 just now and tested again... works like a charm, as before. 70-80 fps while recording in 2160p60 with OBS - no stutters, no performance issues. PlayClaw hasn't received a update for quite a while it seems, so no issues were resolved there.
  2. Performance issues

    When I tried (again) to get something decent out of a 4K60p recording today, I messed with all possible settings in PlayClaw. Long story short: PlayClaw makes games lag if they run in 4K and you start recording - no matter if you record 60f, 30f, scale down to 1440p or even 1080p when recording. No matter the codec (x264, MJPEG, etc - even fast). Not only that, it also has choppy output in the recorded video files then. It's not a performance issue of my machine. How do I know? I tried OBS for fun, and it records the game with no issues at all, even with x264 set to superfast, not ultrafast. No game lags, no playback lags later in the file. Game runs fine, OBS does not drop any frames while recording, CPU is 80-90% busy, unlike with PlayClaw. 1440p records worked fine in the past months, it's just an issue with 4K/2160p recordings. Is there ever some fix planned? Already reported issues in August last year but got told that it's encoder-related. It's definitely not, it works flawlessly in OBS, and even random video encoding of other stuff in the background does not slow games down. Only PlayClaw's recording does. OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit CPU: Intel i7-5960X @ 4.2 GHz RAM: 32G DDR4-2133 (4x8G) GPU: NVIDIA Titan X Pascal HDD/SSD does not matter, bitrate is too low to have an effect (yes, I tried the SSD anyway)
  3. I want make a review about Playclaw, but ..

    If the program crashes, please attach the .dmp and .txt files created from the crash, so the devs can look into it. I rarely experienced any crashes with PlayClaw in the time I'm using it (approx. 2 years), none occured in a stable version but beta.
  4. 4 Cpus threads only

    Simply higher the bitrate for the recording, if you do re-encodes or renders. 30000-40000 kbit/s should be sufficient.
  5. 4 Cpus threads only

    x264 definitely does not have that limitation - I record with 12 of 16 threads. That number can be set in the encoding settings of x264, on the bottom. Try using 6 in your case, along with Preset ultrafast. If it still stutters, I dunno.
  6. 4 Cpus threads only

    The MJPEG Codec is limited to 4 threads only. I assume "fast" uses no compression, which results in very high bitrates. Try the x264 software encoder with ultrafast or superfast preset. The plugin has to be placed in PlayClaw 5 Plus\plugins\encoder_x264.
  7. How to download the new build 3635?

    Newest version seems to be http://www.playclaw.com/bin/playclaw5.3687.exe.
  8. Main beta

    Thanks for the explanation. I know how to set things up to get very good quality from encoding (and I'm familiar with the way Hyperthreading works), but I have no idea how this actually works from the inside of the codec. I'm mostly using x265 these days, but unfortunately there's very few applications these days that actually support that. I'm still hoping for the command line options part of the software x264 encoder in PlayClaw, so I can tweak stuff that way without using presets.
  9. Main beta

    Ok, so I got myself an i7-5960X in hope that it will help recording in more CPU intense games. That's the theory. It runs at 4.2 GHz on all cores, usual video encoding is far faster now, PlayClaw recording isn't. PlayClaw seems to have issues using all CPU cores, even though you specify (almost) the full amount to use in the settings. I can see the cores running on 50-60% CPU load, but they never go higher. For example, the Veryfast setting for x264 encoder works fine with 1440p60, using 45-50% CPU in total. If I set it to "Faster", it uses 50-60% CPU but the recording drops a lot of frames. Same for every other Preset above that. When I try encoding a 1440p60 video file with above mentioned Presets while gaming, I still get 100+ FPS encoding with no issues and the CPU is fully busy, while the game still runs as usual. Is this a known issue and is there something that can be done about that?
  10. Main beta

    Pity. Hope you can find the issue soon.
  11. Main beta

    Please provide some more info, รก la your PC's specs, current PlayClaw version, etc.
  12. Main beta

    Have you tried running PlayClaw in whitelist mode? I see it attaches to a lot of programs it doesn't need to. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\PlayClaw5plus\ and modify playclaw5_config.txt while not running PlayClaw. At the very bottom there should be a line called "misc.enable_whitelist". Make sure it's set to 1. A value of 0 will enable the blacklist (default). See if that helps you with the crashes. If it does, there's some program it hooks up to that causes the OS to go crazy.
  13. Main beta

    So, after NVEnc got some advanced options, will the x264 encoder get that as well? I'd like some basic advanced options along with a command line to specify additional switches and stuff.
  14. Main beta

    That sounds good. Will try at the weekend!
  15. Build 3500+

    Of course, as stated http://capturegamevideo.com/topic/4290-build-3500/?do=findComment&comment=33013 here.