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  1. BF1 DX12 crash.

    Makes me sad that this once busy, active and regularly updated software seems to have died. Not been an update in a long while and no replies on the forums.
  2. BF1 DX12 crash.

    It started a little while back after the big update for BF1, the game just crashes when playclaw is running. DX12 mode only, DX11 mode does not crash, but performs a whole lot worse on my GPU. Im not sure why it crashes, there is no crash log or error, the game just crashes when it tries to go full screen after being launched with playclaw running. Current version is 3702 which is the newest version i can find, i was waiting for an update, which is why i have not posted, but it seems that there has not been a recent update, unless i am missing something somewhere. Thanks in advance for any assistance, i love playclaw and have endorsed it to my friends. (4 of which have purchased it so far)
  3. Vulkan?

    Is there any change that Vulkan will be added as a supported render source? DOOM is a great game, and i really want to game cap, but obviously, PC5 does not work with it.
  4. Main beta

    Hi! Is there support for DX12? The overlay does not show in "Forza 6 Apex Beta" from the windows store and from what i gather from the very little information i can find about it, it runs on DX12. Do not know how to confirm this, but would love to be able to record it, and as we all know, Windows 10's built in DVR is like reheated poop. Just curious, still love playclaw.
  5. AMD codec

    Hi, yeah its for sure a thing with 3518, everything is good with 3500, well, my HDD can not write quick enough to record at 100% 60fps 1080p. 8.8GB for 1 minute of footage and my game crashed because my HDD could not keep up Thank you for the great work you do, im not complaining or anything, i know it might seem that way, but honestly love this program and recommend it to everyone i know who records, 1000% better than fraps. I can see how AMD would lock out third parties, trying to keep people on their software. Thank you again for the great support.
  6. AMD codec

    Well, after updating the 3518 version the file size seems to be much smaller, no matter which encoder i use, however, the MJPEG at 100% 60fps is really low quality, never seen it like that before, going to roll back to 3500 and see if the quality is the same. This image was captured from a 1080p 60fps MJPEG video. If you look at the text chat and around the reticle and the enemy, you can see a lot of "bittiness" that is not there in the actual game, and at such high quality MJPEG i have never seen anything like it. Will update soon.
  7. AMD codec

    Hi, i have been using playclaw for absolutely ages now, i love it, love what you guys are doing, tell everyone i know whos looking for software to get it, but im a little bothered by one thing, the AMD codec when set to 60fps only records a maximum of 43, i read through the forum and saw a post about the AMD codec being to slow, but, "Raptr" the AMD gaming application seemed to record just fine with the same settings as playclaw has and capture a full 60fps. Is there any reason for this limit? The much higher file sized MJPEG option reports 143FPS in the performance test found in 3518, I only want to use the AMD codec because MJPEG at 95% quality 1080p 60fps is 2GB for 30 seconds. Whereas a 10 minute game with AMD codec at 1080p 30fps is about 1GB Would just like to have things cleared up a little for me. Thanks again for all your work.
  8. Build 3454+

    I do not have an R9 series, but i have a 7970 and i too notice that play claw can sometimes cause frame drops and lag, even if im not recording and just using the overlay to monitor. Games are a little smoother without it running. Do not know why. Sometimes PlayClaw even makes GTAV crash, the event log shows ntdll.dll as the issue, but the crash only happens when playclaw is running(newest version) Strange.
  9. Overlays always shows up in record?!

    Not directly related to the topic at hand, but I also have issues with most games accepting the overlay. It works with most games, but with games like CoD BO3 and GTAV i have to ALT+ENTER click playcalw window, click game window and press ALT+ENTER again. Now, i know this is not a hard process, but it gets annoying if you accidentally click outside of the screen you are in in fullscreen mode (i have a second screen and a lot of games do not have the coding to confine the mouse correctly within the single screens limits) Its more of an inconvenience that anything else. OP, you could try setting it up so that when you press your button to record (i use F9) you use the same button to enable/disable overlay, each time you press to record, the overlay will appear, when you press to stop recording the overlay with disappear. Tested this and it seemed to work just fine. Hope that helps. :D
  10. Playclaw5 activation issues.

    Thanks, i have done that now, fingers crossed they reply fast, i was intending to record GTA onlines new content and upload tomorrow, only updated because the overlay issue.
  11. Playclaw5 activation issues.

    I recently purchased a new licence after the previous one i had expired. I have been having issues with the overlay not showing so have been downloading and installing newer versions as they go along. The software requires you to activate it every time you install a newer version, yet i get an error "to many activations" and i do not see why you would limit the amount of activations an account can have when you have to activate with every update. I have only had the code a very short time, it has never been used on another PC, on this machine i am on right now, i have had a recent change of IP due to a new router from my ISP, i do not know if that is the reason why it blocked my activation, either way, i would like to get this resolved. I love the software or i would not have purchased a second code, please help.
  12. PlayClaw 5.1

    Hi, erm so far i have seen this with GTA V PC, BO2 BO3 BETA but not with BF4. from what i can tell, when tabbing out of a fullscreen game playclaw hooks into the DWM. I was playing GTA had to tab to reply to a message on teamspeak, when i tabbed back in the overlay was gone, i just carried on playing, then an event started so i though, what the heck, ill press the button, i felt a little lag as the recording started. Anyway, after the game had finished i checked the recording folder and there was a folder name DWM in there the files were black screen with the game sounds. I will try adding DWM to the black list, see if it prevents it from happening again. I find that my games do not run as well in borderless window mode, especially GTA V, im not sure why that is however.
  13. PlayClaw 5.1

    Hey! I recently renewed by PlayClaw5 Licence after it expired back in April, it was working with most things right up until windows 10. Glad i did, see lots of new features and functions i hoped would appear. Anyway, i wanted to report a bug with Call of Duty games, Tabbing out of the game sometimes disables the overlay in game and prevents it from functioning. This does not happen every time, just most of the time. Also, is there going to eventually be mantel and DX8 recording added into playcalw? Want to record some modded CoD4 footage and its currently not working and also BF4/H in mantel mode runs so much better than in DX and would love to be able to use this awesome program to record it rather than AMD's Raptr which frankly fails to work properly on most games. Thanks in advance.
  14. Best settings to record with Playclaw 5?

    Well i use MJPEG encoding type, set to 95% quality, with YUV411. This gives great quality, does not effect most games to much. I capture at 30 frames (as this is all YouTube can use) 2 compression threads, i draw cursor (i want people to see what im clicking) convert to stereo (so i see the audio track in sony vegas) I do not use mix audio, in case i want to strip the separate "audio chat" from team speak. and i do not write separate audio files as i think its messy. This seems to work very well and is a nice balance for recording with my setup, looking at your setup you may be able to add more recording threads(4 maybe) and record at 100% quality. presuming that the 2TB drive has the read/write speed for about 2.5GB per minute of video.
  15. Best program to convert mjpeg to youtube encoding(mp4)?

    Sony Vegas is probably the best for encoding to mp4. when it is setup correctly(which i think i have finally cracked) there are other progrmas that do it but not as small file size (roughly 10GB video @1080p to 1GB mp4 1080p) Not sure where else to suggest, but google is your friend search for "FREE mp4 encoding software" or something to that effect, Here is the exact search should just be able to click that. I have never used any of the programs there, but there are many, i just DL the top one and i am going to test it out later.