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  2. PlayClaw 6 beta testing, amf dropping frames

    seems to be a game specific problem, game i tried to record with amd amf was PUBG.tested couple of other games and no frame skipping happend with amf on those games. EDIT1: also the ram usage seems to be because of amf + pubg. the ram usage as ok on other games after recording.
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  4. First of all, the sysinfo on v6 is freakin' sweet! so much info i can show and monitor. awesome. i used the AMD amf codec and it drops frames alot, maybe edward could give a hint or some help please?:) it drops the "second 0" all other 0's are just 0 all the time. like this 0/451/0/0. the recorderd video clearly shows skipping frames alot. What could be the problem? also uses alot of ram while not recording, a memoryleak or normal behaviour? other then that great work on v6,Edward, its very nice!!<3 can't wait for release on monday regards, Jushi PlayClaw.txt
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  6. Разработка?

    зашел тут на днях в Steam и вижу нежданчик там в виде 6 версии playclaw - а почему здесь не ссылок, не упоминания=((((
  7. Playclaw Translations

    Hungarian translation pack for PlayClaw 6 beta build 4258.
  8. Прошу прощения, была проблема с сервером активации
  9. купил новый комп и переустановил систему, скачав все обновления, прикладываю лог и дамп Win 10 x64 pro CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Video Radeon HD 7970 PlayClaw.txt PlayClawCrashDump.dmp
  10. Streaming Delay

    Greetings: I would like to know how to set a 5 or 10 minute delay fo my streams to avoid contrary team from looking at my stream for an advantage while playing Mechwarrior online. Thanks
  11. Image Overlay & Autoscreenshots

    I have been using Mirillis Action along with Fraps up until now. Why the 2 you may ask? Well, Action was for the video recordings and manual screenshots, and Fraps i had set up where i could press the hotkey and it would take auto screenshots for me. 3 problems doing it this way. 1, it caused conflicts of interest and would cause one or the other to randomly crash or games to crash.2, Fraps would take screenshots with Actions FPS counter showing. And 3, i would forget if i have disabled auto screenshots or enabled it while playing games. What i liked about Action, was while recording your game play, you could have a image overlay rendering in the recording. But the image overlay wouldnt show up while playing games. Also, if you took screenshots, the image overlay wouldnt show up in the screenshots. Is there any chance of having this feature put into PlayClaw? I ask because, i just purchased PlayClaw, because it had auto screenshot feature along with able to tell it how often to take a screenshot and has also the manual screenshots, and image overlays. Problem i am finding is if i have image overlay rendering in recording it will also render in screenshots, which i dont want. Unless someone knows how to create plugins and is able to create a plugin that will allow me to do what im asking, well, that would be awesome Also, i saw here in this thread below, that someone else asked about a visual inidicator to the auto screenshot, but seems nothing was done to it or am i missing something here?. I would have posted in that thread but didnt want to risk necroing a old thread :). Anyway, if you press the hotkey, for me it is F8, to take a manual screenshot, depending on your settings, it will either frame flash to say its taken a screenshot or it will like flash in the FPS counter, on its back colour. Can we get it so it indicates the same way for auto screenshots please? Because i am the same with the person in the other thread, that when autoscreenshot is active and im playing a game, i forget if i have disabled it to stop it from taking screenshots or enabled it to start taking screenshots.
  12. это нормально, летом обнова будет, которая исправит недочёт.
  13. Разработка?

    а чего тебе не хватает? что-то не работает? лично у меня всё путём с программой: замеряю нагрузку на компоненты, делаю скриншоты, пишу видео иногда. большего мне не надо.
  14. Sorry, I haven't checked my email in a while... I didn't know beforehand, I just am in the habit of checking the manufacturer/vendor website once in a while if I run into issues (a habit from when I started repairing PCs as a Computer Service Tech). I noticed this problem, then saw there was no Updates for a while, so I just went to the website 'randomly' to see if the Download from there was any newer and it was. It seems to still be version 3702... sorry (if you were hoping for a newer version). If you have an issue of some sort, I can try and give some steps to start off with; but I am not affiliated with Playclaw, heh.
  15. TAMB codec?

    Many years, and several computers ago, I got a free copy of Playclaw from the site, going by the datestamp on the files i recorded, and the giveawayoftheday site, It was whichever version of playclaw was current in 2009. This seems to be the link (long expired) that i got the software from. I have many gigs of footage I recorded from a game that is now offline, and I'd love to watch through some of it again, however VLC gives an error about being unable to "decode the format "TAMB"", and Windows Media Player just unhelpfully says that it encountered an error trying to open the file. From a bit of basic googling it seems that this is due to the codec that playclaw uses for its compression, and not only that, but the codec itself has changed from version to version. If there is any way of telling which version of Playclaw i had from the info given, and where I might be able to find this codec, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  16. Best way to Beat the Heat

    Which among the following cooling dog beds that I found online should I consider: water-cooled, cooling gel packs, or raised mesh? Also, what are the other methods that you usually use to help your dog ease the heat nowadays?
  17. New member

    Just a newcomer here dropping by to say "Hi." My name is Joyce and I am from Florida. I am looking forward to having great interactions with you in the future. I guess that's it for now, you guys have a good day!
  18. How did ya know there was a version 3702? Is there a newer one now?
  19. Alert Box Streamlabs

    Dunno if you got this sorted yet but you just use the Window capture overlay and set the target as the widget the widget must be on your desktop though (cant be minimized) Hope that helped.
  20. Добрый вечер! Сменил материнскую плату и процессор, переактивировал программу и заметил, что оверлей в игре показывает температуру процессора на каждом из ядер 0 градусов, все 8 ядер и ещё 8 логических ядер. Всё по нулям, хотя HWMonitor, например, показывает нормально, а отсюда вывод, что с датчиками проблем нет и с поддержкой процессора материнкой также, а вот клава райзены видимо не понимает. Материнка Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5, проц Ryzen 7 1700x, винда 10-ка 64 бита, версия клавы стим, билд 3700-ый. Лог в спойлере.
  21. Разработка?

    Скорее всего, прекращена.
  22. Разработка?

    Активность уже более полугода на нуле. Разработка проекта прекращена/заморожена или что-то иное произошло?
  23. Здравствуйте. Я, давний и большой почитать PlayClaw, но пару дней назад я столкнулся с проблемой, объяснения которой я найти не могу. Со вчерашнего дня, в двух разных играх, PNG файл с эмблемой моего игрового сообщества стал отображаться в белёсой/выцветшей гамме. Сразу замечу, что это происходит лишь в двух играх, и до вчерашнего дня - в них, как и во всех других, картинка отображалась в совершенно корректной гамме, как и во всех других играх/программах, которыми я пользуюсь. Также, смена данной картинки на любую другую - приводит к отображению их в той-же белёсой гамме, и только в тех-же двух играх, в них и только в них. Я пробовал переустанавливать PlayClaw, но после новой установке, даже с полной предварительной чисткой реестра и диска от всех следов PlayClaw, при помощи утилиты Revo Uninstaller - вылезает ровно та-же проблема, в тех-же двух программах, с любым PNG файлом. Я в полной растерянности. Пожалуйста, помогите мне вернуть нормальную гамму. Спасибо. P.S. Для наглядности, приложил скриншоты из двух игр. Первый - из игры, где теперь ненормальная гамма. Второй - из другой игры, где по-прежнему всё в порядке.
  24. Alert Box Streamlabs

    Hi anybody who knows how you can intergrate the alert box streamlabs into playclaw that you get a notification when somebody subscribe or follows like in OBS Please help
  25. Twitch chat overlay

    I want the twitch chat overlay in my screen And this is what i get in my overlay... INFO : joining channel : When i check login the login is succesfull what am i doing wrong ??? if there is anybody who wants to help a 45 year old fart you can also discord me Thanks for the help
  26. Options for 5.1/7.1 audio , WAV file output

    Thanks for reminding me about that! I seem to forget it is there... However, it still has as an output, one useable Stereo WAV Just suggesting the possibility of, for example, four Stereo WAV output (8-channels) or eight Monaural WAV file output, for the future someday
  27. Options for 5.1/7.1 audio , WAV file output

    As to writing audio in a separate file, Playclaw already can do that, Under encoder, there is an option called "Write audio in separate files".
  28. Можно ли скрыть оверлеи PlayClaw от ShadowPlay (GeForce Experience)? По некоторым причинам хочу использовать обе программы, но проблема что ShadowPlay видит оверлеи, что недопустимо для записи, хотелось бы чтобы разработчики PlayClaw научили программу скрывать оверлеи от стороннего ПО, если это возможно.
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