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  2. Добрый вечер! Сменил материнскую плату и процессор, переактивировал программу и заметил, что оверлей в игре показывает температуру процессора на каждом из ядер 0 градусов, все 8 ядер и ещё 8 логических ядер. Всё по нулям, хотя HWMonitor, например, показывает нормально, а отсюда вывод, что с датчиками проблем нет и с поддержкой процессора материнкой также, а вот клава райзены видимо не понимает. Материнка Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5, проц Ryzen 7 1700x, винда 10-ка 64 бита, версия клавы стим, билд 3700-ый. Лог в спойлере.
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  4. Разработка?

    Скорее всего, прекращена.
  5. Разработка?

    Активность уже более полугода на нуле. Разработка проекта прекращена/заморожена или что-то иное произошло?
  6. Здравствуйте. Я, давний и большой почитать PlayClaw, но пару дней назад я столкнулся с проблемой, объяснения которой я найти не могу. Со вчерашнего дня, в двух разных играх, PNG файл с эмблемой моего игрового сообщества стал отображаться в белёсой/выцветшей гамме. Сразу замечу, что это происходит лишь в двух играх, и до вчерашнего дня - в них, как и во всех других, картинка отображалась в совершенно корректной гамме, как и во всех других играх/программах, которыми я пользуюсь. Также, смена данной картинки на любую другую - приводит к отображению их в той-же белёсой гамме, и только в тех-же двух играх, в них и только в них. Я пробовал переустанавливать PlayClaw, но после новой установке, даже с полной предварительной чисткой реестра и диска от всех следов PlayClaw, при помощи утилиты Revo Uninstaller - вылезает ровно та-же проблема, в тех-же двух программах, с любым PNG файлом. Я в полной растерянности. Пожалуйста, помогите мне вернуть нормальную гамму. Спасибо. P.S. Для наглядности, приложил скриншоты из двух игр. Первый - из игры, где теперь ненормальная гамма. Второй - из другой игры, где по-прежнему всё в порядке.
  7. Alert Box Streamlabs

    Hi anybody who knows how you can intergrate the alert box streamlabs into playclaw that you get a notification when somebody subscribe or follows like in OBS Please help
  8. Twitch chat overlay

    I want the twitch chat overlay in my screen And this is what i get in my overlay... INFO : joining channel : When i check login the login is succesfull what am i doing wrong ??? if there is anybody who wants to help a 45 year old fart you can also discord me Thanks for the help
  9. Options for 5.1/7.1 audio , WAV file output

    Thanks for reminding me about that! I seem to forget it is there... However, it still has as an output, one useable Stereo WAV Just suggesting the possibility of, for example, four Stereo WAV output (8-channels) or eight Monaural WAV file output, for the future someday
  10. Options for 5.1/7.1 audio , WAV file output

    As to writing audio in a separate file, Playclaw already can do that, Under encoder, there is an option called "Write audio in separate files".
  11. Можно ли скрыть оверлеи PlayClaw от ShadowPlay (GeForce Experience)? По некоторым причинам хочу использовать обе программы, но проблема что ShadowPlay видит оверлеи, что недопустимо для записи, хотелось бы чтобы разработчики PlayClaw научили программу скрывать оверлеи от стороннего ПО, если это возможно.
  12. Основная бета

    В "Action!" увидел поддержку h.265. (nvenc hevc) Есть ли в планах?
  13. Just a Suggestion/Request for the options related to audio/sound recording: 5.1/7.1 audio recording 5.1/7.1 WAV file(s) output Currently (version 3702 at the time of this posting), Playclaw works great; but down-mixes the audio from any multichannel sources (Surround Sound, 5.1/6-channel, 7.1/8-channel) to 2-channel audio (Stereo), mixed into one audio 'track' within the recording. While this is a great way to avoid incompatibilities with video editing programs, save on file size created and more, I am merely submitting the idea for the option for the user to choose whether to record in 5.1/7.1 audio, and whether to output the audio into separate WAV format audio files. Some game recording applications already offer this, but I wanted to try help improve Playclaw, so I am just adding it here Enjoying Playclaw otherwise, it works without problems for me personally! Keep up the great work!
  14. Performance issues

    As a matter of fact, Windows 10 doesn't seem to be capable of recording at 2160p60 at all. Installed it some weeks ago for better hardware support, now not only PlayClaw but all other programs heavily start to stutter, game slows down to 17-20 fps, CPU load is under 40%, even the GPU switches to lower clocks because it is not being utilized. Switched back to Win 7 just now and tested again... works like a charm, as before. 70-80 fps while recording in 2160p60 with OBS - no stutters, no performance issues. PlayClaw hasn't received a update for quite a while it seems, so no issues were resolved there.
  15. BF1 DX12 crash.

    Makes me sad that this once busy, active and regularly updated software seems to have died. Not been an update in a long while and no replies on the forums.
  16. Main beta

    Are we no longer getting change logs or beta updates?
  17. Всем привет. Господа подскажите в настройках кодера какое выбрать "сжатие видео" чтоб видео не имело на выходе огромный размер, хотя бы в два-тира раза меньше? А то при H.264 NVidia Encoder одна катка игры в 12 мин занимает соответственно 12 Гб ((( Желательно что бы и качество видео не хуже было. Спасибо.
  18. BF1 DX12 crash.

    It started a little while back after the big update for BF1, the game just crashes when playclaw is running. DX12 mode only, DX11 mode does not crash, but performs a whole lot worse on my GPU. Im not sure why it crashes, there is no crash log or error, the game just crashes when it tries to go full screen after being launched with playclaw running. Current version is 3702 which is the newest version i can find, i was waiting for an update, which is why i have not posted, but it seems that there has not been a recent update, unless i am missing something somewhere. Thanks in advance for any assistance, i love playclaw and have endorsed it to my friends. (4 of which have purchased it so far)
  19. Performance issues

    I have to agree, I've encountered the very same problems. Nevertheless I had a decent talk, and they are working on it, step by step. We just have to wait unfortunately. OBS's performance is excellent with NVENC, it's like Shadowplay but with more and better options - unless you want to use the replay buffer function in advanced mode (which will be added soon, I hope so). For example "For Honor" truly shows the problem, recording with Playclaw for now is impossible, lagging gameplay and choppy reactions, while with OBS there are no problems at all... ...and it is not a performance issue. OS: Windows 10 64 Bit CPU : i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080 RAM: 16G DDR4-3000 (2x8G)
  20. Performance issues

    When I tried (again) to get something decent out of a 4K60p recording today, I messed with all possible settings in PlayClaw. Long story short: PlayClaw makes games lag if they run in 4K and you start recording - no matter if you record 60f, 30f, scale down to 1440p or even 1080p when recording. No matter the codec (x264, MJPEG, etc - even fast). Not only that, it also has choppy output in the recorded video files then. It's not a performance issue of my machine. How do I know? I tried OBS for fun, and it records the game with no issues at all, even with x264 set to superfast, not ultrafast. No game lags, no playback lags later in the file. Game runs fine, OBS does not drop any frames while recording, CPU is 80-90% busy, unlike with PlayClaw. 1440p records worked fine in the past months, it's just an issue with 4K/2160p recordings. Is there ever some fix planned? Already reported issues in August last year but got told that it's encoder-related. It's definitely not, it works flawlessly in OBS, and even random video encoding of other stuff in the background does not slow games down. Only PlayClaw's recording does. OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit CPU: Intel i7-5960X @ 4.2 GHz RAM: 32G DDR4-2133 (4x8G) GPU: NVIDIA Titan X Pascal HDD/SSD does not matter, bitrate is too low to have an effect (yes, I tried the SSD anyway)
  21. Overlay not showing up in game

    I came back to some gaming after 3 month, updated my PlayClaw 5 and went into the game. I always used a crosshair-overlay. It's not showing up anymore in any games. I have attached the PlayClaw.txt and made 2 screenshots. Its just not working anymore. I started Counter-Strike for the log to be meaningful. Hope it helps. Radeon HD7970 drivers: 17.3.1 PlayClaw.txt
  22. I received an email that the text plugin does not support dynamic formatting of any kind, and that I should use the web browser overlay. I feel that the text overlay would probably perform better, but I did manage to get the web browser overlay to do what i needed. I modified my file to be output like so myfile.php: <html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1" ></head><body style="overflow:hidden;font-size:2em;"><font color=orange>+ spO2:--- pr:--- a:2363</font></body></html> and then I set the web browser overlay url to point to that file, set the frame rate to 1, check mute audio, and then just preview overlays to set the positioning. EDIT: another issue, is if you get bad gateway for whatever reason, then you need to resize the overlay in the preview to get it to reload.
  23. Marquee Text

    seeing as how you have experience modifying/creating plugins. I was hoping you might know a way to get the text overlay plugin to support html formatting within the file. such as: <html><font color=orange>david bowie</font> <font color=red>space oddity</font></html> related post:
  24. for example, I have the text overlay plugin set to load a file using the ticker... The file is updated every second by another application. here is an example of the file: <html><font color=orange>- spO2:94 pr:68 a:204</font></html> it does not use the html formatting, instead it justs displays the raw html code, I cannot use the built in formatting of the plugin because the text formatting changes dynamically every time the file is refreshed. I can however change the way the file is created if this plugin accepts another form of formatting from text?
  25. Just a Suggestion to have an option or toggle (checkbox?) for the ability to "keep focus" on a game or application when using the "pre-recording buffer" in Game Mode. Playclaw seems to stop the Looped Buffer (pre-recording buffer) when ALT+TABbing out of a game, where the game "loses focus" and requires restarting the pre-recording buffer. Playclaw keeps the focus when fully recording though (stays recording the game even if it loses focus) when not using the buffered recording. Not a big deal, Playclaw works great otherwise, just a suggestion...
  26. Just wanted to share a Thank You that version 3702 seems to have fixed a problem with Desktop recording I was running into, with Windows 10 and Playclaw version 3700 (and the version before that). When I tried to record "Desktop" or "Anything" (for Tutorials, etc) it would say "Cannot capture in Game Mode" or something to that effect (I did not take a screen capture of the error, sorry). I was always running the latest GPU drivers, etc. I was thinking of mentioning it here in the Support Forum - however, I downloaded manually the 3702 via the website (the Auto-Updater stayed on Version 3700 it seemed) and it appears to have no problem recording the Desktop/Anything - way to go! (Note that this fixed my issue, it may still occur for others, but I wanted to mention this as a Compliment, that whatever was not 100% working before, now is fine for me) It's great to see continuing Support for programs, especially this great little recording application. Thank you. Keep it up!
  27. Здравствуйте. Сегодня купил вашу программу, так как в бесплатной версии функционал меня удовлетворил. Но у меня назрел один вопрос, ответ на который я попытался найти на форуме, и вроде как нашел, но ему уже несколько лет. В общем: могу ли я активировать программу по одному коду на домашнем и на рабочем ПК? Ответ на форуме есть, но он старый, мало ли: может что-то изменилось? Заранее спасибо за ответ.
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